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Conferences are signature events that serve as the cornerstone of your strategy for corporate expansion.

They are a vital tool for communication, whether it is for internal gatherings like board retreats, training seminars, or sales meetings, or for reaching out to important constituencies through product launches, press conferences, and annual general meetings. Conferences offer vital chances to reach the correct audience with your message, whether you’re trying to raise sales, increase revenue, or train personnel.

We at CPHR organise and conduct multi-disciplinary conference. These occasions can be crucial in the development of company and customer ties. These events are essential for any company trying to impress clients or to network with others in their sector. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring teams from all across the world together.

Types of Conferences

The various conferences organized are:


One or two presenters will lead the audience in conversation during this interactive event. A seminar is instructive and educational in character and seeks to transmit knowledge or skills to the audience


Workshops are less formal and encourage active participation from the audience. They are more designed to teach participants new skills while being supervised by an instructor than seminars are.

Roundtable or group discussions

In this session, the participants engage in discussions and arguments and there is no main speaker


The process of learning the skills you need to acquire or possess a particular job or activity . It is typically given to people who share a common interest in order to boost their knowledge and productivity.

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